VidCloud API

VidCloud API

VidCloud API script is a database manager that gives you the possibility to have your own API for movies and TV series.

The script scrape original sources from ex Vidcloud website now called Membed and displays videos in very high quality, with multiple resolutions (1080p,720p,480p), in HLS m3u8 format, without buffering, and without any advertising.

You obviously have the option of being able to insert your advertising in any format, pop up, pop ads, advast etc.
You can limit access and block videos by making them available only to the domains you want.

You can also make the API public and offer videos by earning money from your advertising.
You can use the script for any of your projects just by using the IMDB id.

The script includes 22k movies already added into the database, and 250k + TVSeries Episodes.

Upon request, you can add subtitles in all languages of the world (+70 USD) or make the subtitles by default in the language you want.



This product contains absolutely no copyrighted files, no videos, no m3u8 files, no direct links, no iframes, no images, no sounds, no music for absolutely no reason.

this product simply uses the “scraping” method to obtain information from external sources.
The database included in the product includes only and exclusively fields such as:

tmdb image url
tmdb id
imdb id

Last Update: 6 May 2023

Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Software Version: PHP 7.4

Size: 2.10 MB

Version: 1.0.3

License: Regular

Requirements: PHP 7.4, SSL, mod_rewrite, allow_url_fopen, cURL, MySQL

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